During his visit to Azerbaijan, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan recited such a poem; Which has angered Tehran. In that poem, the issue of the division of Azri land between Iran and Russia in the 19th century is presented in a negative way. Iran’s foreign ministry has summoned the Turkish ambassador, describing Erdogan’s role as “unauthorized practice”.

Erdogan participated in a celebration celebrating Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenia in the recently concluded Nagorno-Karabakh war. In a speech in the capital city of Baku, he read a poem, I will not be separated from you. They have forcibly separated us. “

Tehran has expressed concern that the use of Erdogan’s poetry could lead to isolationism in Iran’s Azri community. “The Turkish ambassador has been informed that the era of regional demands and expansionist empires is over,” Iran’s foreign ministry said on its website on Friday. Foreign Minister Javed Zarif said, “No one can talk about our beloved Azerbaijan, referring to the northwestern part of Iran, where many Ezris live.

“The poetry read is one of the symbols of Pan-Turkism,” Iran’s ISNA news agency said. It is stated that the line of the poem refers to the river Ars, “a complaint of the distance between the Azari-speaking people on either side of the river.”

Iran’s foreign ministry said it had summoned Turkey’s ambassador to Tehran over Erdogan’s “interfering and unacceptable comments” and demanded “immediate clarification”. “Iran will not allow anyone to interfere in its territorial integrity,” the statement said.

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