Iran clamps down on protesters: Amnesty

Human rights group Amnesty International says Iranian authorities have detained thousands of people to end last year’s protests. A report by a UK-based group said the protesters were tortured to gain confession. The agency said that about 7000 people were arrested in connection with the protests. They also have ten-year-old children. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports.

Violent protests erupted across Iran in November last year to protest against rising fuel prices. Iran has admitted that 230 people have died in the protests. Iranian security forces held a rally on Friday, in which hundreds of protesters were removed from the truck. In addition to interviews with many of those arrested at the time, Amnesty International released new reports based on video recordings, court documents, and a review of statements from officials.

The human rights group said in a report released on Tuesday that the interview had found evidence of human rights abuses through additional arrests, disappearances, torture and other misconduct. The report also alleged that the detainees were tortured, confessed to participating in protests, joining opposition groups or being associated with foreign governments and the media.

Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Middle East, Diana Alathaway, said Iranian authorities broadcast the statements of protesters on state television in addition to crime and human rights abuses. Types of torture included waterboarding, beatings, electric shock, genital warts, sexual harassment, and finger and nail removal. “I felt like millions of needles had been put into my body,” said a person who testified to Amnesty International after being electrocuted.

Tehran has not commented on Amnesty International’s new report. Earlier, Iranian officials rejected another report released by the agency.

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