Iran hints at arms trade

As soon as the UN took up arms, Iran indicated that it would enter the arms trade. In an interview with a newspaper published in Tehran, Iranian Defense Minister Brigadier General Amir Hatami described the situation in his country. The ban is expected to be lifted in October. From then on, Tehran will focus on arms exports to various countries.

General Hatami said that Iran is one of the strongest countries in the world in terms of arms production. Tehran produces 90 percent of its military needs through its technology.

“We will definitely be able to export more weapons than we need to import,” he said. Surely we will exercise our legitimate rights. “Once the Embargo is lifted, we will export weapons to our allies.”

In 2015, a nuclear deal was signed between Iran and six countries. The agreement was approved by the United Nations Security Council, which passed resolution 2231. A clause in the proposal states that if Iran fully enforces the agreement, the weapons on Tehran will be removed in five years. For example, the ban is expected to be lifted in October. Source: Purse Today

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