Iran has claimed that it is self-sufficient in defense and will no longer have to buy weapons. On Sunday (16 October), Iran demanded that the United Nations weapons on Iran should not end. British news agency Reuters gave this information.

The 2007 Security Council sanctions on Iran are set to end on Sunday. Powerful nations have promised to ease economic sanctions in exchange for halting uranium enrichment in Tehran under a nuclear deal signed in 2015. The US is working to increase the ban. However, the ban was not extended despite protests.

In response, the Iranian Foreign Ministry issued an official statement on Sunday morning. The statement said, “Iran’s defense ideology is based on the country’s people and its capabilities. The Iranian defense ideology is not in the urge to buy conventional weapons, weapons of mass destruction and conventional weapons.”

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javed Zarif said on Twitter, “The normalization of Iran’s defense cooperation with the world today is a victory for our multilateralism, peace and security in the region.”

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