Iran has again threatened the US over the assassination of General Qasim Solamani. Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif issued a warning on Monday (21 September) after Washington announced new sanctions on Tehran. This information has been known from the report of US News.

Javed Zarif

At the behest of US President Donald Trump, the influential Iranian general Qasim Solamani was killed in a drone attack at Baghdad Airport on the morning of 3 January. Iran has vowed to retaliate. The Trump administration imposed new sanctions on Iran on Monday, accusing it of trying to build nuclear weapons amid tensions between the two countries. In response, Javed Zarif again raised the issue of killing Solimani.

In a virtual event organized by the Council on Foreign Relations on the morning of Monday (21 September), Iranian Foreign Minister Javed Zarif said, “The United States has committed a major terrorist act by killing a man believed to be IS’s number one enemy.” Made a mistake. ” I am not into threatening. However, I can say that this lesson is not yet complete. ‘

When asked about US sanctions, Zarif said: “This is nothing new. The United States has put maximum pressure on Iran. They want Iranians to bow down to them. However, they could not succeed.

Qasim Sulfmani has been leading Iran’s Quds force since 1998. This elite force of Iranian Revolutionary Guards carries out covert attacks outside the country. Although relations between Iran and the United States have long been hostile, they have indirectly supported each other in the fight against IS in Iraq. General Solamani played a key role in establishing relations between the two hostile countries.

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