Despite US sanctions, Iran’s oil exports rose significantly in September this year. A report by the British news agency Reuters cited three international oil tanker movements monitoring the movement, including tanker trackers.

Iran’s oil exports have declined since the US pulled out of the nuclear deal with Iran in May 2016. Citing the tanker tracker, Reuters reported that Iran exported twice as much oil in August than in September.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani recently said that his country has been embroiled in an economic war for the last two and a half years and should not be made fun of. However, despite one ban after another, the country has increased its daily oil exports to around 1.5 million barrels. This volume of oil exports in the last year and a half is unprecedented.

Madni, an official of tanker trackers, said in January that Iran’s oil exports had doubled that month. About 8 to 10 percent of this oil has reached Syria via the Suez Canal, and the rest has been sent to other buyers in the Far East.

Analyzing the data, Reuters said it was unclear where half of Iran’s total oil exports went. Because, these oils are transported by foreign oil tankers and these oils are transferred from ships to ships in deep sea.

Iran’s oil ministry generally does not disclose the amount of oil extracted and exported. Veteran oil minister Bijan Namdar Jangane is considered the key driver of the country’s oil export growth. Recently, he said, “My words are heard not only by the people of the country but also by the enemies.” He said that no one should expect data from the oil ministry.

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