Is Donald Trump more stupid than feared?

Reporter legend Bob Woodward is one of the US President’s greatest enemies. Still, Donald Trump continued to talk to the journalist. That could only go wrong.

In four years, we learned one thing above all about US President Donald Trump: He lies like a print, doesn’t accept rules – and is still celebrated by his supporters as America’s savior.

Here, in distant Europe, we hear and see every other day, but we are also a bit dull now. The new book “Rage” by reporter legend Bob Woodward, in which he proves that Trump deliberately deceived his people for months about the danger posed by Corona, begs an old question: How stupid can a president actually be. turn into? Is it worse than we fear?

Politicians and journalists – especially in America – have a genuine dislike for each other. Everyone trusts the other to do the worst, and everyone knows about the other: when in doubt, they don’t mean well to me, let alone honestly.

Trump turned off the press

Journalists never miss an opportunity to beat politicians in the pan. Very clever politicians try to prevent this by giving journalists exclusive information and thereby calming them down. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

About the author: Georg Streiter worked for a long time as a journalist, including for the “Express”, the “Hamburger Morgenpost”, the “Stern” and the “Bild-Zeitung”. From 2011 to 2018, he was a deputy spokesperson for the federal government. Since then he has been a communications advisor and runs it Continue blog.

Donald Trump took an even easier route – and simply shut down the press. Besides his friends at “Fox News”, he simply bypasses the media, which he calls the lying press, and creates his own news world on Twitter. He doesn’t need reporters or editorial offices – he reports immediately and unfiltered as “@realDonaldTrump” on the cell phone of his 85 million followers, who are happy with every message from their president, no matter how big the cheese.

And now it is coming out that declared Trump opponent Bob Woodward contacted the president one day. One of the “imperishable” people who overthrew Trump’s predecessor Richard Nixon when the Watergate affair was revealed in 1974. If you understand journalists as hunters, you can call Woodward a successful big game hunter.

As long as I’m talking, no one else is talking

Of all the people, does Trump make long and comfortable phone calls with him at night? Did you film him 18 times? No pig would talk to its butcher! So is Trump even more stupid than we thought? This could be.

Or maybe it is different. And if we’ve learned one thing over the years, it’s this: You shouldn’t rule out anything in this crazy world, no matter how crazy it may seem.

Maybe Trump thought, I can’t expect anything good from Woodward anyway, so I’ll send him a good text first. When we are on the phone for six months, he writes nothing for six months. This follows the old rule of politicians: as long as I talk, no one else talks.

And now that Woodward is launching his book in a few days, he too is faced with questions: why has he – like Trump – kept hidden for months how dangerous Corona is?

US election campaigns are as nasty as next to nothing in the world. The Democrats are now attacking the Republicans, accusing their leader Donald Trump of having human lives on his conscience for his downplaying of Corona. Trump can always oppose: your star witness was my accomplice and kept silent too. On the face of it, the president is not entirely wrong. Because both have something to explain.

But there really is only one person in charge of office – and that’s Donald Trump.

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