Construction of a new Hindu temple has been approved in Islamabad. This has been approved by the Council of Islamic Ideology, the supreme body of Islamic affairs in the Pakistani government made up of scholars. The council said on Wednesday that it had no objection to setting up a new temple in the capital. Because, in Islam, it is permissible to build a place of worship for a minority community.

The Council of Islamic Ideology advises the government on religious issues. The minority community sees it positively that they have no objection to the construction of the temple.

Hindu parliamentarian Lal Malhi welcomed the council’s stand in the Pakistani parliament. But at the same time, he said, the council also recommended that the government not spend government money directly on the construction of private places of worship.

Construction of the new temple began earlier. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has promised 600,000 in funding. However, at one stage of the construction work, the authorities halted the construction due to tension. Finally, on Wednesday, the country’s highest Islamic council voted in favor of temple construction.

With the official opinion of scholars, it seems that the government will now officially allow the construction of the temple.

More than 1 million people live in Islamabad. About three thousand of them are Hindus. However, there is no significant temple for them. Source: Al Jazeera

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