Israel-Bahrain Relations; What Turkey, Egypt and UAE are saying!

Bahrain’s announcement of a rapprochement with Israel has had mixed reactions. Turkey, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates on Friday responded to a joint statement by the United States, Israel and Bahrain. Bahrain has welcomed the verdict despite strong opposition from Turkey, Egypt and the UAE.

A statement from Turkey’s Foreign Ministry stated that Bahrain’s decision was in conflict with the OIC and its commitment to the Arab Peace Initiative. The move is a new push for the Palestinian cause. Also, it would encourage Israel to continue the unjust behavior of the Palestinians.

“We are concerned with Bahrain’s initiative to establish diplomatic relations with Israel,” the statement said. Strongly condemns Turkey.

Egyptian President General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi congratulated Bahrain on establishing relations with Israel in a tweet on Friday night. He says that the Israel-Bahrain Agreement will play an important role in establishing peace in the Middle East.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) described Bahrain’s decision to establish relations with Israel as “very important”. Hend Al-Otiba, a spokesman for the country’s foreign ministry, said the agreement would ease tensions in the Middle East and restore peace.

The United States, Israel and Bahrain issued a joint statement on Friday 11 September, declaring Bahrain’s establishment of relations with Israel. US President Donald Trump, the mastermind behind the deal, said it would happen so soon; It was unimaginable.

Trump made the statement in a Twitter post. He described the incident as historic.

A joint statement from the three countries said the two sides agreed to the issue on Friday following Trump’s talks with the Prime Minister of Israel and the King of Bahrain.

Earlier, Trump called on Saudi Arabia to mediate so that Middle Eastern countries could establish relations with Israel. He also welcomed the decision to open Saudi airspace for Israeli-Emirati flights.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates will reach a formal agreement at the White House on 15 September. Speaking to reporters, Trump said that now Bahrain will also participate in the same program.

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