Direct commercial flights between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Israel have begun about three months after the signing of the agreement to normalize relations. The airline, named Flydubai, operated a direct flight from Dubai to Tel Aviv on Thursday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is about to welcome the aircraft to Tel Aviv. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports.

The United Arab Emirates recently signed an agreement to normalize relations with Israel, reversing a long-standing situation. In addition, several law reforms have been introduced to attract foreign investment into the country. Last week, the country also reformed the law so that foreigners get 100% ownership of the invested business.

Both countries hope that the introduction of direct flight between the UAE and Israel will play a role in combating the devastating economy caused by the coronovirus epidemic. A large number of Israeli tourists are expected to visit Dubai in the coming winter season.

Announcing the launch earlier this month, Uditubai CEO Git Al-Git said, “The launch of scheduled flights will help create more opportunities for economic growth and investment.”

Currently, UduDubai operates flights twice a day between Tel Aviv and Dubai. In addition, two Israeli airlines, Al Al and Israel, will start operating on the same route next month.

The United Arab Emirates has stopped issuing new visas to citizens of 13 Muslim-majority countries before the start of commercial flights with Israel. The countries are Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Syria, Somalia, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, Algeria, Kenya, Iraq, Lebanon, Pakistan and Tunisia.

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