Coronavirus, climate change, racism and immigration issues dominate the final debate in the US presidential election. Republican President Donald Trump and Democrat candidate Joe Biden were both very restrained. They gave each other a chance to talk. Despite personal attacks, they did not disrespect each other. According to the BBC, it is understood that new rules to shut down Mike have worked.

In the United States, both candidates faced off in a final debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee on Thursday evening (Friday at 8 am Bangladesh time) local time.
Biden’s son’s business in Ukraine, Trump’s non-payment of tax and Obamacare are two candidates who are attacking each other. CNN reports that despite being more restrained than in previous debates, Trump has failed to do anything dramatic in the final debate. Trump has also personally attacked Joe Biden on various issues. He also gave false information.
Both candidates were debating the issue of Latin voters over the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant families along the southern border. However, Trump could not clarify how long the separated children would be able to reconnect with their families. Biden called Trump’s “cruelty” in keeping the children separate from the family. In response, Trump can only say that these children are in care.
Coincidentally, between 2016 and 2017, US border guards separated 545 children from their families. The lawyers could not reach their parents. The US Department of Justice and the American Civil Liberties Union are working to identify and reunite families.
On the coronovirus issue, Trump talked about his experience of being infected. Medical experts say that corona infection may increase in the coming winter. But Trump said that infection may increase in some places. But Corona will leave soon. Biden also expressed concern about the corona infection in winter. But Trump wants to defeat Biden with the wrong figures. He said that 99 percent people have made recovery. They do not think anything terrible will happen in winter.
On racism, Trump claims, “I’m the least racist in this room.” He also cited the 1994 Crime Bill, which Biden assisted in drafting. Black Lives Matter activists have accused a large number of African-Americans of imprisoning them. Meanwhile, Biden described Trump as “one of the most racist presidents in the United States”. The former US Vice President said, “He has instigated every racist fire.”

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