Concerns, concerns and uncertainties about the outcome of the US election are not over. Although three days have passed since the voting began, the counting of votes is going on in some important states. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Democratic candidate Joe Biden is at the forefront. The issue has come up in a report by the British media BBC.

Experts say the count is taking a long time this year due to the epidemic. The huge amount of postal votes is also a factor. Counting is still going on in many states. But will the final results be known after counting? Many say that if Donald Trump goes to the Supreme Court and the court accepts the case, it will not be possible to announce the final result immediately.

Counting continues in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada, North Carolina. Once the results of these states are released, it will be known who will be the next president. Biden is ahead in results so far. However, if the matter is taken to court, Biden will not be able to claim victory despite getting the magic figure. We have to wait for the decision of the Supreme Court.

All eyes are now on the results of the four battlegrounds in the US election. In Georgia, Trump is still slightly ahead. Despite an increase of 16,000 votes on Thursday, Bangladesh’s margin narrowed by 1,700 votes at 11 am Friday. There are still about 15,000 votes to be counted.

In Nevada, Biden was ahead by 6,000 votes. He now leads by 11,000 votes. Trump was ahead in Pennsylvania on Thursday with 160,000 votes. However, this difference began to decrease since the postal vote began to count. Now Trump is ahead by around 25,000 votes. The counting of 2 lakh 20 thousand votes is yet to be done.

In Arizona, Biden led by 69,000 votes. It has now come down to 48,000 votes. There are still more than 220,000 ballot counts remaining.

According to AP and Fox News forecasts, Biden’s electoral vote is 284, but according to other surveys, including CNN, Biden’s poll vote is 253. AP and Fox News forecast that Biden will win in Arizona, but according to the latest news, there are still millions of votes to be counted. Doubts are being raised as to whether Biden will be able to win in this state with 11 electoral votes. However, AP is confident about his forecast.

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