Several Republican lawmakers have criticized US President Donald Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud. Utah Senator Mitt Romney has been added to the list. He said that it is wrong to say that the election was rigged. Romney himself was once a presidential candidate.

In a post on Twitter, Romney said it was wrong to call the election rigged or rigged. This would reduce the goal of freedom in the United States and around the world.

He said that counting all votes is the heart of democracy. This process is often long and frustrating for participants. Votes must be counted. If there are any allegations of irregularities, they will be investigated and dealt with in court. Trust democracy, our Constitution and the American people.

Earlier, at a news conference, Trump accused Pennsylvania of mass vote fraud. Sometime later, Republican Senator Pat Tommy said that once the state vote was finalized and certified, all parties winning or losing should accept the results.

Tumi called for everyone to be patient as the counting of votes continues.

Tommy said that all votes should be counted according to Pennsylvania law. No matter how long it takes.

The most harsh criticism came from Will Hard, a retired Republican leader in Texas. “A president-in-charge is insulting our political system,” he said. He is questioning the voting rights of countless Americans. Such an allegation without any evidence is not only dangerous and wrong, but also underlines the values ​​on which our country is built. The votes of all US citizens must be counted.

“We want all votes to be counted, known as a staunch critic of Trump,” House of Representative member Adam Cunningher said. Yes, certainly all valid votes. If you have any concerns about fraud, present the evidence and go to court. Stop exposing fake information. They are going absolutely crazy.

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