Ivanka Trump, the daughter of US President Donald Trump and White House adviser, has raised 13 13 million for her father’s election campaign. He was successful in raising funds by participating in fundraising campaigns at various places in the last one week. Hill quoted a political aide as saying.


Neither Republicans nor Democrats have revealed how much cash is in the election fund. However, the amount of money being collected is being given every month. Trump recently trailed Democratic nominee Joe Biden in terms of fundraising. Although the presidential campaign camp has claimed, they have enough money to run until the election deadline. In addition, national and state-based funds are continuously being collected.

An aide to Trump told The Hill that he attended a fundraising event in the Mountain View and Beverly Hills area from Sunday (October 25) to Monday evening. কোট 10 million was raised from there. Then on Friday (October 30) another খ ā was 3 million raised in Detroit.

Ivanka has led 11 fundraising campaigns since Sunday. He is expected to continue campaigning for his father until election day.

The White House feels Ivanka’s presence in the election campaign is far more effective. The Republican camp wants to use Ivanka in 2016 to gain the support of women turning their backs on Trump.

In an interview with Politico earlier this month, a senior adviser to Trump’s campaign, Mercedes Slap, said, “Ivanka has devoted her career to improving the quality of life for women as a working mom. ” He understands what American families are doing now. “

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