He successfully played against the big darts players like Taylor. Then suddenly Jamie Lewis broke in, stopped and came back – with a terrifying performance. Now he disclosed his anxiety disorder.

Jamie Lewis made it to the semifinals of the PDC Darts World Cup in 2018, but had to admit defeat to Phil Taylor. He successfully competed against the great players of darts. But in 2019, he failed in the round of 16.

“Rasta” took a break and came back. But his performance at the International Darts Open against the German Robert Marijanovic was more than worrying, according to the pro.

“Are there any private issues behind it?”

Marijanovic said “Sport 1”: “There are probably private issues behind it. He also talked about anxiety states. He was there alone (in Riesa, editor’s note) and didn’t necessarily make a positive impression on me. Which was shocked, was his performance. You could see that it wasn’t just a bad day, but there was more to it. ”

Lewis himself tweeted in late October, writing, “People can laugh, make fun of me, anything they want, fear is absolutely terrible.” He also got support from German pro Max Hopp, who said “Sport 1” about the anxiety disorder: “It also slows down his playing career.”

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