Jamming President – Biden takes care of Trump

They want to get the country out of the crisis, for which they blame US President Donald Trump. More than 80 days before the American elections, the democratic top duo gives a taste of the battle for the White House.

Democratic contenders Joe Biden and Kamala Harris attack the White House. In their first appearance as a team, they accused incumbent Donald Trump of failure in the corona crisis and general weakness in leadership. “Whining is what Donald Trump does best,” presidential candidate Biden said Wednesday (local time). Black Senator Harris, who had only been selected as a candidate for the vice-presidential position the day before, blamed Trump for the high number of corona victims in America.

The tightly timed outing in Wilmington, Delaware, provided a detailed preview of the arguments and tactics of the top Democratic team for the good 80 days until the presidential election on November 3.

Attacks on Trump

Biden left most of the attacks on the incumbent president to former prosecutor Harris. “We have a president who cares about himself more than the people who elected him,” she said. Harris focused mainly on the Corona crisis, in which an American dies from Covid-19 every 80 seconds. The virus hit the US particularly hard “because Trump didn’t take it seriously from the start,” she denounced. “While other countries followed the science, Trump was promoting miracle cures he saw on Fox News,” she criticized, referring to Trump’s favorite TV station. “Trump is also the reason why millions of Americans are now unemployed.”

Joe Biden with his second candidate Kamala Harris: The election campaign in the US is picking up. (Source: dpa / ap)

It was also up to Harris to present Biden as a human to the voters. She shared her conversations with Biden’s son Beau – also a lawyer who died of a brain tumor in 2015. He told her how Joe Biden always made breakfast for his two sons in the morning and put them to bed in the evenings after his wife died, despite working in Washington, which is more than 100 miles away. “He’s someone whose first reaction, when the going gets tough, is to never think about himself, but take care of the rest.” Biden was visibly moved.

“Fight for the Soul of Our Nation”

He remembered meeting Harris through his son. ‘I know how much Beau respected Kamala and her work. And, to be honest, that meant a lot to me when I made my decision. ‘ Harris is smart, tough, experienced and a “proven fighter for the backbone of this country”, the middle class and those who struggled to get into the middle class. Harris is the daughter of immigrants. “Your story is the history of America,” he said.

Although Biden blamed Trump for having a problem with strong women like Harris, he was largely reluctant to criticize and was more of a statesman. “It is a serious moment for our nation,” he said. “We are at a turning point.” It’s a life-changing choice that will shape America’s future for a long, long time. “I know we are in a battle for the soul of our nation,” said Biden.

The Corona Crisis shaped the appearance: When Harris and Biden entered the room side by side, they were wearing protective masks. They never came closer than they needed to. They exchanged glances as they went to the lectern, Harris beamed as she took over – Biden came back for a moment for leaving his mask behind. There was not a warm hug like there was in March when Harris Biden agreed to support his candidacy.

A Biden-Harris government will have a comprehensive, science-based plan to address the corona pandemic, Biden promised. You will also face the climate crisis, protect Americans’ health and create jobs. In addition, women’s rights must be protected, the right to vote strengthened, and structural racism eradicated in the U.S. legal system, Harris said.

Trump opposes

Shortly after Biden and Harris stepped off the stage, Trump stepped onto the stage at the White House for a press conference – the third in three days. He first showed graphs of, among other things, the growth of the stock market and a recovery in the demand for cars. “We are doing incredibly well,” he reassured. Meanwhile, during the Corona crisis, Europe had 40 percent more mortality than the US. “We are working with Europe on their problems,” Trump said.

He responded late to the hour-long appointment to the attacks of Biden and Harris. No, he didn’t look at her appearance, but looked briefly, Trump answered a reporter’s question. He recalled that, unlike Harris, he had passed the main campaign as a presidential candidate: “She went down like a rock. Not me.” And just like the day before, he accused Harris of not being sincere because she criticized Biden and now praised, “She said worse things about Biden than I ever did.”

Trump had a hidden tip for Biden himself. “When you sit in the basement at home and stare at the computer, the brain starts to wither,” he said when it came to studying at home instead of at school. Trump had repeatedly said in recent days that Biden was in the basement in Wilmington and had to get out. Because of the corona pandemic, Biden initially ran most of the election campaign from an improvised television studio in his basement.

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