A man in Japan contacted people with suicidal thoughts on Twitter. He killed eight women and one man and cut the bodies to pieces. During the trial, the suspect makes a confession.

In Japan, a man known as a “Twitter Killer” has been sentenced to death for nine murders. A Tokyo court sentenced 30-year-old Takahiro Shiraishi, who murdered and dismembered nine young people, to death on Tuesday. Shiraishi had contacted his victims through the online Twitter service – eight women and a man between the ages of 15 and 26. In doing so, he made a confession.

On the morning of Halloween Day 2017, Japanese police made a gruesome discovery while looking for a missing woman in Shiraishi’s apartment: the officers found body parts and hundreds of pieces of bone, which were kept in freezers and toolboxes and partially covered. with cat litter. Cover stench.

Perpetrators searched Twitter for people with suicidal thoughts

According to the investigators, Shiraishi had contacted suicidal users on Twitter and promised that he could help them carry out their suicide plans or even die with them.

His lawyers demanded that Shiraishi be sentenced to imprisonment alone. All of his victims had suicidal thoughts and therefore consented to their deaths, they argued. On the other hand, according to the NHK television station, when the verdict was announced, the judge said none of the murdered people consented to his death, even tacitly.

“The dignity of the victims was trampled”

“It is terrible that nine young people have died,” said the judge. “The dignity of the victims has been trampled.”

The verdict against the “Twitter killer” caused a stir in Japan: As NHK reported, more than 400 curious people lined up outside the Tokyo courthouse on Tuesday to get one of the only 16 seats in the hall.

Japan is one of the few industrialized countries that still applies the death penalty. Despite international criticism, the approval of the Japanese population remains high. After a death sentence, execution often takes years. A Chinese man was last executed in December 2019 for the murder of a family of four in Japan.

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