Since the anti-Semitic attack on the synagogue in Halle in 2019, there has been repeated pollution of Jewish monuments and facilities in the city. The police are investigating.

On Friday evening, a building of the Jewish community in Halle was smeared with graffiti by previously unknown people. The inscription was illegible. The police could therefore not provide information about a possible anti-Semitic background, a police spokesman said in the morning. It is determined for property damage. The house is not the synagogue.

Anti-Semitic background not excluded

Only Tuesday did the police discover graffiti on the Jewish monument in the center of Halle. In this case, an anti-Semitic background cannot be ruled out; state security is involved in the investigation.

The city in Saxony-Anhalt made headlines a year ago for a right-wing terrorist attack. On October 9, 2019, a heavily armed perpetrator threw explosives over the wall of the synagogue and tries to break into the house of God. There, more than 50 believers celebrated the highest Jewish holiday, Yom Kippur.

When the break-in failed, he shot a 40-year-old passerby, killed a 20-year-old while attacking a nearby kebab shop and injured and traumatized countless other people before being caught after about an hour and a half. 28-year-old German Stephan Balliet has admitted that the trial against him is currently underway at the Naumburg Higher Regional Court.

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