Job opportunities for women as content writers

Opportunities The Two Hours Job is working to create employment opportunities for women in the country or abroad. The purpose of this Mahila Manch is to make educated, working, housewife women self-reliant using their talent and mindset.

Reflecting this thinking, ‘The Two Hour Job’ has been taking various initiatives to encourage women as well as employment projects for a long time. Currently, the platform has created a group of skilled women to provide content writers and social media managers to various organizations.

Following in her footsteps, Manch recently launched a 1-year project with Jasmine of Square Toiletries Limited. This has created a new area specifically for women’s material rights work. Square toiletries signed an agreement with The Two Hour Jobs to prioritize women in the promotion of their products.

In 1986, Square Toiletries Limited, a solo venture of Samson H Chaudhary, has about 48 types of products from 16 bands in the market, one of which is Jasmine. Squire wants to make Jasmine more familiar with women’s hands.

In addition to Job Creation, Square Jasmine will offer a variety of membership cards, including membership cards, to members of The Two Hour Jobs.
According to the contract, the women of ‘The Two Hour Job’ will have the opportunity to work in jasmine product reviews and content writing for up to 1 year. In this way, on one hand, women will get such income opportunities, on the other hand, they will be able to enhance their skills in content writing.

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