Joe Biden gives the anti-Trump

First Donald Trump, now Joe Biden: The Democratic presidential candidate visits the unrest-ridden city of Kenosha – and does everything differently than the president.

Two months before the US presidential election, challenger Joe Biden showed how fundamentally different from the incumbent Donald Trump he wants to tackle the US crises.

The Democrat used his visit to the town of Kenosha, plagued by violent skirmishes, in which a police officer shot a black man seven times in the back to create a contrast. The operation sparked protests and riots in Kenosha and widespread outrage in the country.

Unlike Trump, Biden met the victim’s family, Jacob Blake. They spoke away from the cameras for an hour and a half. The seriously injured 29-year-old was put through by telephone from the hospital.

Biden: Trump legitimizes “hate and racism”

Afterward, Biden spoke to local residents at a church and promised to fight for full equality for blacks. Trump, however, says Biden, would “legitimize hatred and racism” by making statements.

Biden’s visit was eagerly awaited after Trump visited the site last Tuesday. It was the Democrat’s first trip to the controversial state of Wisconsin, which Trump narrowly won in 2016 and could play a pivotal role in the November election. In addition to the various messages, Biden also posted an optical contrast to Trump. Unlike the president, Biden wore a mask as required by local Corona guidelines.

During his visit to Kenosha, Trump spoke to police officers and people who actually – or just supposedly – were affected by the violent clashes. However, he didn’t meet Jacob Blake or his family – he didn’t even mention his name during his three-hour visit.

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Instead, the president used his looks to side with the police and speak out against the protest, which is aimed at police brutality and racism. Trump wants to take advantage of the riots in several American cities in recent weeksto warn of the consequences of a possible victory for Biden.

A different view on the issue of racism

His argument: Just as police brutality against blacks leads to a lot of peaceful protests and violence in the cities ruled by Democrats, if Biden wins it would soon look like the whole country.

During his performance, Trump denied that there was systematic racism in the country. Biden, in turn, spoke of the need to come together as a nation. He will fight “institutional racism”. In a poll published Wednesday, three-quarters of Americans said racism was a major problem in the US.

Trump is further behind Biden in the polls. Several studies suggest the race is getting closer again in key states like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Kenosha herself is in a controversial constituency that Trump won in 2016 with just 255 votes.

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