Joe Biden is the next president – and has spoken to the nation for the first time. He presented himself to the Americans as a reconciler. And also spoke to the rest of the world.

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Newly elected US President Joe Biden used his victory speech to send a message of reconciliation to Americans – and to speak to the world. The American Democrat said in his hometown of Wilmington, “I promise to be a president who does not want to divide, but who wants to unite.” Now is the time to heal in America. “Let’s end this dark age of demonization here and now.”

Biden addressed supporters of Donald Trump and said he understood their disappointment. He himself suffered some defeats. “Let’s give each other a chance.” It’s time to leave the harsh and heated words behind.

Biden called for impartial cooperation. Voters demanded that Republicans and Democrats cooperate in their interests. “We should stop seeing our opponents as enemies,” said Biden. “They are not our enemies, they are Americans.”

“America is back!”

Biden also used his first speech to address the world audience. The rest of the world is looking to the US, he said. “If we do our best, America will be a beacon to the world. We will lead not only by our strength but also by being an example.”

The message to a “world is in disarray, America is back!” Said Biden. He wanted the US to be respected in the world again. “We need to restore America’s soul.”

The Americans had mandated him, Biden said, to lead the fight against the coronavirus, bring justice and eradicate structural racism. “The struggle to restore decency, defend democracy and give everyone in this country a fair chance.”

The corona expert group will meet on Monday

Biden, who was declared the winner of the presidential election on Tuesday morning, announced on Monday the formation of a group of experts in the fight against the corona pandemic. This should create a plan that could be implemented immediately after taking office on January 20.

Incumbent President Donald Trump will continue to rule until January 20. However, Biden had said before the election that if he won the election, he would immediately contact governors and mayors to advance the fight against the pandemic.

Harris: Won’t be the last woman in office

His future vice president, Kamala Harris, spoke with Biden in Wilmington that evening. She stressed the importance of democracy, which is not guaranteed. ‘It’s only as strong as our will to fight for it. And that’s exactly what you did! ‘She shouted at the Americans.

Harris thanked voters for announcing “a new day for America.” American democracy was at stake, “America’s soul was at stake”. But the Americans would have opted for “hope and unity, decency, science and yes, truth”.

Harris praised Biden’s “courage” in breaking one of the biggest barriers in the United States and electing a vice president. And said, “Although I’m the first woman in this position, I won’t be the last.”

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