Pete Buttigieg was much appreciated in the run for the presidential election. The 38-year-old is considered a shooting star by the Democrats. Now he has to take a seat in Joe Biden’s closet.

Future US President Joe Biden wants to bring Pete Buttigieg, a former Democratic competitor in the presidential race, into his cabinet. The 38-year-old will become Minister of Transport, Biden’s team announced on Tuesday evening (local time). According to this, Buttigieg – if confirmed for office – would be the first openly gay federal minister in the history of the country.

Buttigieg gained enormous popularity during the election campaign

Buttigieg caused a sensation in the Democratic presidential election. The Democrat, who was largely unknown at the national level months earlier, worked his way up to the top of internal party applicants in polls and gained tremendous profile and prominence during his election campaign. After he retired from the race, he supported Biden’s candidacy.

For eight years, until the end of 2019, Buttigieg was mayor of South Bend – a city of 100,000 in Indiana, USA. He attended prestigious universities and worked as a management consultant at McKinsey before entering politics. Buttigieg was also in the Navy. In 2014, he took a break from his mayoral job for a seven-month assignment in Afghanistan.

The US Senate could get in the way of the staff

The Democrat has no political experience at the federal level yet. This could be blamed on him in the Senate, which must confirm him for the post. Buttigieg had already encountered concerns about his age and limited political experience in the presidential race – he handled them easily.

CNN and the Washington Post also reported on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources, that Biden had appointed former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm to the Department of Energy. There was also no official confirmation.

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