Joe Biden and his late son Beau were close – so close that Biden wrote a book about his child. The story of cancer and death is now also published in German.

Shortly after the US presidential elections, the book by winner Joe Biden (77) about his son who died of cancer was published in German. According to publisher C.H. it should hit the market on November 25. Beck announced in Munich. The autobiographical book by the US president-elect, “Promise Me. Hope at the Edge of the Abyss” is about cancer and the death of his eldest son Beau Biden. The Delaware attorney general and Democratic Party hopes died of a brain tumor in 2015. Joe Biden was Barack Obama’s vice president at the time.

The original edition was number one on the bestseller list for weeks according to the publisher in the US. It was “a politician’s book, but even more so by a father, grandfather, friend and husband,” the publisher wrote. “It’s the story of a family’s suffering, but also of hope and trust.”

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