In the spring of 2019, national coach Löw announced that he would no longer nominate the three world champions Müller, Hummels and Boateng. He sticks to this decision, but opens the door for Gotze.

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National coach Joachim Löw remains loyal to his line. Neither Thomas Müller, Jerome Boateng or Mats Hummels are eligible for a comeback in the national team, even though the 2014 World Champions were in strong form in the Bundesliga. “We actually decided not to nominate these players, nothing has changed,” he said to the “kicker”.

Low leaves the back door open. Is Götze an option?

You can’t ‘undo’ that now, Löw continued. However, the coach leaves a back door open. “If a completely new situation arises for us next year due to the failure of key players, I will evaluate it accordingly and think about alternative scenarios,” said Löw.

The 60-year-old had picked out two Munich professionals Müller and Boateng and Dortmund’s Hummels in March 2019 as part of a team rejuvenation. Recently the calls had gotten louder again after the trio returned.

Meanwhile, the national team manager has judged Mario Götze’s move to PSV Eindhoven as the right decision – and considers a return of the 2014 World Cup hero to the national team as possible.

“Wasn’t that to be expected”

“We are not losing sight of him,” said the 60-year-old in an interview with the “Sportbuzzer”. Löw had been in contact with the 28-year-old in recent weeks, who kept him informed.

Low is surprised by the good form of the attacking player. “That was not to be expected”, said the national coach, “he looks very fresh and very flexible, the joy is visible in him. He needs that for his lightness, for his variability.”

According to Löw, the World Cup goal was a burden for Götze. “He had a backpack by the 2014 goal, which must have been a heavy burden,” he said. In Germany everything is always focused on him. With the move to the Netherlands, “he made the right decision for himself – namely, daring to make a fresh start outside the Bundesliga presentation plate,” said the national coach.

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