John Bolton warns against Donald Trump – compared to Barack Obama

Former security adviser John Bolton tells about his ex-boss in an interview. He sees Trump’s reelection as a security risk – and draws a parallel with his predecessor.

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John Bolton, former US President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, has criticized the planned withdrawal of nearly 12,000 U.S. soldiers from Germany. “The withdrawal of the United States from all our positions is not a plus – neither for our country, nor for the security of the West as a whole,” Bolton told Welt am Sonntag. The deduction is “a sign – and not a good one – of what awaits us if Trump is re-elected.”

In many ways, Trump’s move is similar to his predecessor Barack Obama. He “didn’t care much about the rest of the world.”

Bolton was National Security Advisor for just under a year and a half and left the White House in September 2019. The foreign policy falcon and Trump had different views on a number of issues. So Bolton was a staunch opponent of Trump’s rapprochement with North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un.

Bolton describes Trump as an idea and incompetent

In his revelation book “The Room in which Everything Happened” (published in German from August 14), Bolton paints a devastating picture of Trump accusing the President of putting his own political interests above national security interests and the welfare of the United States . Bolton accuses the President of asking China for re-election assistance and confirms the allegations that Trump urged Ukraine to investigate rival Joe Biden. The foreign policy hardliner also describes Trump as clueless and incompetent.

With the book, Republican Bolton wants to prevent Trump from being re-elected. “When Donald Trump engages in national security, he does not follow any political philosophy or strategic thinking,” said the 71-year-old of “Welt am Sonntag.” As a result, “we are less certain today than before his term in office.”

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