Prime Minister Boris Johnson is uneasy about the Indian peasant movement in the British Parliament. On Wednesday, he called the farmers’ movement an India-Pakistan issue. He said that the two countries should talk to each other and resolve the issue. Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported.

During a question and answer session with the Prime Minister, Labor MP Tanmanjit Singh said that farmers from Punjab and other Indian states were demonstrating at the Delhi border in protest against the new agricultural law. Tear gas and water cannons are being used to stop their peaceful protest. Expressing concern over this, he asked the British Prime Minister if he would send a message of British concern to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on this issue.

Furthermore, he wants to know that everyone has the right to peaceful protest. What is his statement in this regard.

Boris Johnson made a mistake in answering the question. “We are deeply concerned about what is happening between India and Pakistan,” she said. But this is a matter for the governments of both countries. Johnson said he was confident that the two countries would resolve the issue.

Tanmanjeet was surprised to hear such a reply from the British Prime Minister. He later shared the video on social media with his questions and Johnson’s answers.

He wrote about the video, wrote that everyone is watching how water cannons, tear gas are being used for the ongoing protests against the new agricultural law. Everyone has the right to peaceful protest. This will help our Prime Minister understand what exactly he was asked.

Note that the British government did not yet want to interfere in agrarian protests. Last week, he said it was a matter for the Indian government.

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