Joint military exercises between Turkey and the United States

Turkey and the United States conducted a joint military exercise in the eastern Mediterranean Sea on Wednesday. Ankara and Washington retaliated in the area just hours after the joint French-Greek practice. The case has been confirmed by Turkey’s Ministry of Defense. The Daily Sabah stated this in a report.

In a post on Twitter, Turkey’s Ministry of Defense stated that Turkey conducted a joint naval exercise in the eastern Mediterranean with TCG Barbrosa and TCG Bergazada along with US destroyer USS Winston S. Churchill.

Ankara has also released photographs of three warships during the exercise. Two of them were Turkish flag bearers. In another, the flags of both Turkey and the United States were flying.

Meanwhile, on the day of practice, US President Donald Trump spoke to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about the situation in the eastern Mediterranean. The two leaders also discussed bilateral relations and regional situation during a phone call on Wednesday.

In a statement released on August 24, 2020, Turkey said that the discovery of its research ship Aruch Rees in the disputed Mediterranean waters had been extended to 28 August. Greece called the search illegal. As a result, Turkey and Greece declared mutual practice. German Foreign Minister Heiko Moss visited Ankara and Athens in view of the situation. Meanwhile, Trump talked to Erdogan about the issue.

According to the Anadolu agency, Erdogan reminded Trump in a phone call that Turkey is not causing any disturbance in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

Erdogan said that his country has strongly demonstrated that they are interested in reducing tensions. Turkey is also ready to sit in on the issue.

Erdogan spoke about the dispute with Greece in the eastern Mediterranean on 26 August in a ceremony marking the victory of the Seljuk Turks against the Byzantine Empire in the 11th century. At the time, he warned that Turkey would not make any concessions in the eastern Mediterranean Sea. Ankara is committed to making every effort to maintain its rights in the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Addressing neighboring countries, Erdogan said, “Any wrong decision on these issues will lead to their destruction.”

“We are not looking at anyone else’s territory, sovereignty and interests,” he said. But we will not give any concession on them. ‘

Over the years, Turkey has intensified its search for oil and gas reserves at sea. On August 21, 2020, Ankara announced the discovery of huge reserves of natural gas in the Black Sea. After acquiring stock, Turkey accelerated the search. Neighboring Greece became embroiled in a dispute with the country. The European Union and Germany have called for dialogue between the two countries. Source: Anadolu Agency, Reuters

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