Karl Lauterbach considers Bayern’s Uefa Supercup match in Budapest a “glaring risk”. The health expert of the SPD therefore calls on the club to reconsider.

Karl Lauterbach has become a much sought-after specialist during the Corona crisis. The SPD health expert is critical of the current developments in the field of new corona infections in Germany.

Also the fact that the FC Bayern and Sevilla are allowed to travel to Budapest with 3,000 spectators each. In an interview with Chillreport, he advised the record champions to refrain from fans so as not to compromise the safety of their own followers.

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Chillreport: Bayern Munich will play against Sevilla on Thursday in the Supercup in Budapest. 3,000 fans from each team are admitted to the game, although new infections are on the rise in the city. What do you think of this as a health expert?

Karl Lauterbach: I am very critical of this because we know that Budapest is currently a risk area. The fact that the fans are coming to the stadium in Budapest is an obvious risk. Of course, you can’t forbid the Budapest authorities to do this, but it doesn’t make any sense. In my opinion, it would be the right choice if Bayern Munich itself said that the fans should not travel with them to protect their own viewers. That would be the only way. That would be a wonderful gesture that I would consider exemplary. That would do the club’s sporting reputation very well.

The Bundesliga partially allows spectators again. You last warned about it.

Unfortunately, my forecast is that the number of cases will increase significantly and that football matches will be reduced to ghost matches again. This is my prediction, I might be wrong, which I would even hope. For me it would have been good to wait and see what happens next. We were already at the beginning of a second wave when the decisions were made.

Mr Spahn suggested setting up “fever clinics” in the autumn. These should be special treatment centers for people with corona complaints. A good idea?

That is a very good suggestion from Mr Spahn, and one that I welcome. In this way we can ensure that the practices themselves do not become hotspots for the spread of the pandemic. If these fever clinics were also equipped with rapid tests, that would certainly be a step in the right direction.

Can the ambulances not quickly become overcrowded?

We will see. There can always be problems. Nevertheless, the pandemic is easier to combat with such fever clinics, because there you can organize the intervals and the processes yourself much better than in individual practices. That is a good proposal, which I absolutely welcome and which can be implemented.

Munich has established the mask requirement for public places where the minimum distance cannot be adhered to. What do you think about it?

I think that’s important. I had asked that myself in the past. I think that in public places where people talk a lot and loudly, the distance cannot be kept and the risk of infection is so greater, wearing a mask should be mandatory. This applies, for example, to Brussels Square in Cologne or Hasenheide in Berlin.

In Berlin, Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg has exceeded the critical limit of 50. Do you think restrictions can be imposed within a neighborhood?

I believe that the rules should apply to all of Berlin, namely the mask requirement in public places that I just mentioned. This mask requirement should apply throughout Germany.

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