Kenosha Visit – US Governor Tony Evers to Donald Trump: Stay Home

The mood is heating up about two months before the US elections. President Trump accuses Democrats of being responsible for the violence in the country. His handling of the situation has generated a lot of criticism.

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has called on President Donald Trump to cancel his visit to the protest-ridden city of Kenosha.

“I’m afraid their presence will only hinder our healing,” Evers wrote in a published letter. He also feared that a visit would require the use of Trump’s resources necessary to ensure the security of the population.

A week ago, a police officer in Kenosha shot 29-year-old black American Jacob Blake seven times in the back. A video of the incident shows Blake approaching a car in front of it, while two police officers follow him with weapons drawn. When Blake opens the driver’s door and leans forward, one of the officers grabs his shirt and shoots. The video sparked much outrage and violent protests in the United States. On the third night, a 17-year-old man who attempted to patrol the streets as an armed civilian shot dead two people and wounded another. The recordings were recorded on video by eyewitnesses. The 17-year-old has been charged with two murders, his lawyer speaks of self-defense.

Trump had stressed in recent days that order in the city must be restored quickly. Over the weekend, the White House announced that the president would fly to Kenosha on Tuesday. He wanted to meet with security authorities and get a sense of the damage after the violent protests, a spokesman said. Lawyer Blake said on CBS that his family had not yet received an offer from Trump.

Biden: The president must condemn the violence

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden commented on the riots, calling on Trump to condemn violence from every political direction. “We must not become a country at war with itself,” Biden said on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Trump is increasingly making violence on the fringes of protests in American cities a campaign issue in the race for the White House. After a man was shot dead in the city of Portland on Sunday night, Trump reconnected the violence with democratic politics.

Trump’s exchange of blows with the mayor of Portland

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler, who was constantly criticized by Trump during weeks of protests, also spoke to the president with sharp words. “You have created hatred and division,” he said at a news conference. “What America needs is for you to be stopped.” Trump responded a few minutes later, calling Wheeler “crazy” and “crazy” in a series of tweets. “Force is the only way to stop violence in Democratic-led cities with high crime rates.”

For months, there are daily protests in Portland against racism and police brutality. On Saturday, a car parade of Trump supporters drove through town, there were clashes. Then on Sunday evening a man was shot in the city center. Police Chief Chuck Lovell warned against jumping to conclusions on the facts of the case. Earlier media reports said the man who was shot was wearing a baseball cap from the right-wing group “Patriot Prayer”. Trump subsequently accused Democrats of not doing anything about urban violence on the brink of protests.

Trump supporters demonstrate in Portland, Oregon: The mood ahead of the US presidential election continues to heat up. (Source: Dave Killen / The Oregonian / AP / dpa)

Biden stated, “Gunfire in the streets of a major American city is unacceptable. I unequivocally condemn this violence.” He rejects any violence, whether from the left or the right – “and I urge Donald Trump to do the same.” Biden had previously accused Trump of fueling tensions in the country to mobilize voters with the message of “law and order.”

Trump has made the promise of “law and order” a central message in the presidential campaign. The vote will take place on November 3.

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