Berlin (dpa) – Sami Khedira has proposed national coach Joachim Löw to bring his former world champion colleagues Thomas Müller, Jérôme Boateng and Mats Hummels back to the national football team.

From the 33-year-old’s point of view, this would be the sensible way to have a voice in the 2021 European Championship and especially the 2022 World Cup. was taken into account, with the fact that good young players had to triumph first against people like Müller, Boateng and Hummels, who had great personalities.

Paving the way for young players right away is the absolutely wrong signal for him, Khedira said. “If you select older top players from the start, we will not reach the maximum level. Sensationally good young players can grow on such players”, the midfielder emphasized. “But: if they don’t have to assert themselves against someone, they will remain confined in their own bubble.”

Such a decision would cost Löw a lot of energy. “Would he be the weak one? No! He would be the strong! Because he would need a lot of energy,” said Khedira. Löw recently stated that he saw no reason for a return campaign at this point. The 60-year-old wants to put everything to the test before the European Championship final.

Overall, Khedira stated that the DFB squad had lost a bit of identity in recent years. The reason is many changes and new invitations. That Löw is a good coach should not be questioned, Khedira underlined. “For me the question is: will he still make the players emotional after so many years? Do the players want to understand and absorb it?”

With a possible departure from Juventus in the winter, Khedira would be tempted to switch to the Premier League. But it can also be a club outside England that does not play internationally.

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