North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has made a rare apology for the South Korean president. Seoul announced Kim’s apology on Friday. Kim apologized for shooting and killing a South Korean government official earlier this week. The British media BBC reported this.

An American military commander in South Korea has ordered North Korean soldiers to “shoot and kill” the border to prevent the Corona epidemic. The directive is believed to have been for shooting a North Korean official.

According to reports, Kim told South Korean leader Moon Jae-in that nothing like this should have happened.

According to the South Korean president’s office, Kim apologized in a letter to President Moon. In the letter, Kim mentions that she is deeply sorry for the disappointed Moon.

The South claims that the 47-year-old officer was trying to reach North Korea. He was later found floating in North Korean waters. Seoul claims the officer was shot and killed and his body set on fire. The Southern Army did not reveal how the officers arrived in the northern waters.

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