Liverpool FC coach Juerger Klopp gestures on the sidelines. Photo: Neil Hall / PA Wire / dpa. (Source: dpa)

London (AP) – Liverpool coach Jürgen Klopp has praised newcomer Thiago after his team’s 2-0 (0-0) win at Chelsea.

“He has yet to get used to his teammates, but when someone had to leave the field at Chelsea, it was the perfect game for him,” Klopp told Sky Sports broadcaster about the former Bayern pro. “I really liked his game.”

After a red card for Chelsea, Liverpool were outnumbered in the second half. Sadio Mané (50th / 54th minute) scored both goals for the Reds’ victory.

More than fifteen minutes before the end of the game, Thiago made a mistake. A foul by the Spaniard on Chelsea’s newcomer Timo Werner resulted in a penalty for the Blues. Liverpool goalkeeper Alisson countered Jorginho’s shot. “Defensively it was a bit difficult for him (Thiago),” admitted Klopp, “but offensively, with the ball, that’s his thing, he wants to pass the ball.”

The cheerful coach was enthusiastic about the Stamford Bridge game. “Great game! Really good from both teams,” said the 53-year-old. Chelsea are a top team, said Klopp, who especially liked Timo Werner. “Timo is a good player. There are no real tactics to defend against him when he has the ball.”

That the German international did not score on Sunday was due to Liverpool player Fabinho. “Fab played very well. If Sadio hadn’t scored two goals, Fab would have been the man of the game.”

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