Knife attack on ex-partner: police officer in custody

An official from Thuringia is said to have ambushed his ex-partner and attacked her with several knife wounds to the face. Special forces later arrested the man in Braunschweig.

The Thuringian police officer, who is suspected of attacking his ex-partner with a knife, is in custody. The Erfurt court had issued an arrest warrant against the man at the request of the public prosecutor, Erfurt prosecutor’s spokesman Hannes Gr√ľnseisen said Tuesday. The police officer had since been transferred to a correctional institution in the Free State.

Special forces had arrested the man in Braunschweig a few hours earlier. According to previous information from Gr√ľnseisen, the man had already been suspended as a police officer. According to the investigations so far, he allegedly ambushed his 45-year-old ex-partner in a parking lot in Erfurt on Monday afternoon and attacked her with several knife wounds to the face. The woman had to be taken to hospital with serious injuries.

After the attack, according to investigators, the man drove away in a car. He was subsequently searched nationwide.

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