Last year, Kevin Krawietz and Andreas Mies sensationally won the French Open. This year they made it to the final again – and were able to defend their title.

Kevin Krawietz and Andreas Mies successfully defended their title at the French Open and won a Grand Slam tournament for the second time. The tennis doubles of Coburg and Cologne defeated US Open winner Mate Pavic / Bruno Soares (Croatia / Brazil) 6: 3, 7: 5 in the final in Paris on Saturday.

Last year, Krawietz and Mies had achieved a historic coup at Roland Garros, the first German doubles in 82 years to be victorious in Paris. The two are the fourth men’s doubles in professional tennis history since 1968 to successfully defend his title at the French Open. For their second success, Krawietz / Mies raise nearly 320,000 euros.

The double final of the French Open can be read in the live ticker

Sentence 2:

6: 3, 7: 5And that’s the title. Just like last year, the Germans Krawietz and Mies win the French Open. It’s the second match point.

6: 3, 6: 5There is the break. Pavic / Soares lead 40-0, but the German duo will not give up and thanks to a fantastic strike from Kevin Krawietz they make it to 40:40 – and shortly after two breakballs. The Germans use the second, break to 6: 5 and now serve to win the match. Insanity!

6: 3, 5: 5Krawietz and Mies do not give up and are equal.

6: 3, 4: 5Continue in order. Man, that’s exciting here. To bite your fingernails …

6: 3, 4: 4And it is fantastic. The Croatian-Brazilian duo is nowhere near a break, the match ends with zero. We are slowly entering the crime time of the second part …

6: 3, 3: 4Pavic crashes uncompromisingly and gets the next game for himself and his team. The pressure is now back on “Kramies”. Andreas Mies serves.

6: 3, 3: 3Not the two Germans. The score is 3: 3 and now the “ominous seventh game” follows …

6: 3, 2: 3So far everything in line in the second sentence. Who is starting to tremble here?

6: 3, 2: 2Take a deep breath with Krawietz and Mies. The fourth game of the second set is the longest so far and goes over the debut several times. But the two Germans pull their heads out of the noose again.

Krawietz / Mies: The German duo defended the title in Paris. (Source: Michel Euler / dpa)

6: 3, 1: 2… no problems with the Brazilian. Kevin Krawitz shoots the return in the net. Everything in line in the second sentence.

6: 3, 1: 1The German duo played uncompromisingly, clearly winning their service game and equalizing. Now Soares serves, who had to give up their service game once in the first set … and this time?

6: 3, 0: 1“Kramies” have breakball, but cannot use it. Take a deep breath at Pavic / Soares.

Sentence 1:

6: 3 – And that’s the first sentence. Pavic lightly hits a Krawietz backhand longline ball.

5: 3 – “Kramies” led 30-0 and was only two points away from winning the set. But Pavic / Soares score four points in a row and reduce to 3: 5. But now the two Germans serve to win the set.

5: 2 – The two Germans have to survive a critical moment, they are 0:30 behind. At 3:30 PM, you’re lucky with the net edge and at 30:30 you can level, score the next two points and take a 5-2 lead.

4: 2 – The Brazilian-Croatian duo can shorten to 2: 4. What do “Kramies” do?

4: 1 – Mies and Krawietz do it smart and confirm their break, Mies hits an uncompromising salvo over the net at 40:30. Last year’s winners are well on their way to pick up the first set.

3: 1 – Now the Brazilian serves Soares. Kravieitz and Mies hold up well, earn two breakballs and use the second. The tour for the Germans.

2: 1 – Andreas Mies now also has a good service game. Everything in order.

1: 1 – Pavic / Soares also effortlessly manage their service game.

1: 0 – A successful start for Krawietz / Mies. The two Germans get to start and win their first game from zero.

5.30 pm: And the game begins.

5:25 PM: The players are on the field. It’s about to start in Paris

5:20 PM: The first German double since Gottfried von Cramm and Henner Henkel 82 years old, Kevin Krawietz and Andreas Mies won the doubles title last year. This year, the two want to defend the title.

5:00 PM: Welcome to the live ticker of the men’s double final at the French Open.

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