Poisoned Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny was in a coma for weeks. Now his condition has improved so much that he was able to leave Charité University Hospital. Doctors hope for a full recovery.

The poisoned Kremlin critic Alexej Navalny had been in the Berlin Charité since August 22. He was in a coma there and was finally free again woke up and posted a photo from his hospital bed. Now he has been released on Tuesday.

De Charité wrote in a press release, “The patient’s health has improved so much that acute medical treatment can be discontinued.”

“Full recovery possible”

It goes on to say: “Alexei Navalny was treated in the Charité for a total of 32 days, including 24 days in an intensive care unit. The treating physicians believe that a full recovery is possible based on the patient’s previous course and condition. Long-term consequences of the severe poisoning can be but cannot be assessed until later. “

Navalny collapsed during a flight in Russia on August 20, the pilots landed in Siberian Omsk, where he was treated at the local clinic and flown to Germany two days later. According to the federal government, he was “unequivocal” with a chemical nerve agent poisoned by the so-called Novichok group.

The Charité has not provided any information on Nawalny’s current whereabouts. “The public announcement about Mr Navalny’s health status has been made in consultation with him and his wife,” the statement said.

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