Künstenwache finds dead cattle and an unconscious man – a missing crew so far

A cargo ship capsized off the coast of Japan and a crew member was rescued alive. There was no trace of the rest. But now an unconscious man and dead cattle have been found again.

After an accident with a cargo ship off the coast of Japan, the coast guard discovered an unconscious man and dead cattle in the sea. As the Japanese coast guard announced on Friday, the man has been rescued and should be brought ashore. He was floating face down in the sea, a message said.

The night before the Philippines was rescued, authorities received a distress signal from Gulf Livestock 1, about 115 miles west of Amami-Oshima Island.

38 Filipinos, two Australians and two New Zealanders disappeared

The crew member, who, according to media reports, was found floating in the East China Sea wearing a life jacket, was taken to a hospital on Amami-Oshima Island.

His colleagues include 38 Filipinos, two Australians and two New Zealanders. Except for the unconscious man, there is no trace of the rest so far. The Panamanian-flagged freighter set sail from New Zealand to China in mid-August, where it would arrive Friday.

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