Lampedusa: Italian aid organisation

About 70 kilometres from the island of Lampedusa, the Italian aid agency Mediterranea has rescued 67 people. In a wooden boat, the migrants spent days without water on the high seas.

The Italian aid agency Mediterranea rescued 67 migrants off the coast of the Italian island of Lampedusa on Friday. The rescue ship Mare Ionio found the people in distress about 40 nautical miles (70 kilometers) from Lampedusa on a wooden boat, the organization said.

“At least 48 hours without water”

Neither the Italian nor Maltese authorities had taken steps to save the castaways. People are in good health but have “spent many days at sea and at least 48 hours without water,” the organization added.

German maritime rescue agency Sea-Watch rescued about 100 more migrants from the sea off the Libyan coast on Wednesday.

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