An army camp hit Kwang Tri in Madhya Pradesh, Vietnam. At least 22 soldiers went missing on Sunday (October 18). According to the official website, the British news agency Reuters confirmed the information.

Floods and landslides began in Vietnam in early October due to heavy rains. As a result, more than 60 people have died in the central part of the country. Rain is expected to increase further in the next few days.

A statement from the Vietnamese government website said that the barracks of a unit of the 4th military zone in Quang Tri collapsed on Sunday morning. “We had another sleepless night,” said Vietnam’s Deputy Defense Minister Fan Wang Giang.

A landslide in the neighboring province of Thua Thien Hu a few days ago killed 13 people, most of them members of the military. The government said at the time that the bodies of the three missing members of the army had been recovered.

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