A year before the general election, the tone of the grand coalition becomes rougher. SPD Secretary General Klingbeil attacks Markus Söder on Twitter – revealing CSU Secretary General Blume.

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CSU Secretary General Markus Blume has accused his SPD colleague Lars Klingbeil of poisoning the climate in the Grand Coalition with sustained attacks on the coalition partner. “The general secretary of the SPD unilaterally ends the good cooperation in the Groko”, Blume told the dpa news agency. “The country would be very helpful if Klingbeil put his energy into a smart Corona policy rather than personal attacks on the coalition partner. That is poison for political culture.”

In particular, Blume responded to an attack by Klingbeil on Bavarian Prime Minister and CSU Chairman Markus Söder on Twitter. In a tweet on Thursday, the SPD general secretary rejected Söder’s criticism of Berlin’s high corona figures, saying, “I can’t understand what motivates Söder to do the mini-Trump and split the country.” That’s “just indecent”. Klingbeil also accused Federal Home Secretary Horst Seehofer (CSU) in an n-TV interview of refusal to work, backlash and stubbornness for rejecting a scientific investigation into right-wing extremism and racism in the police so far.

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Blume sharply rejected such attacks. “With the ongoing personal attacks, Lars Klingbeil is harming himself and the SPD in particular,” said the CSU Secretary General, adding, “We will not maintain this style anyway, but will continue to do everything for its success of the government in these challenging times. “

Blume simultaneously attacked his SPD colleague head-on. Of his attacks, he said: “It is an inadequate attempt to divert attention from the fact that he is one of the most unsuccessful secretaries-general in SPD history. Lars Klingbeil represents historically bad election results and an SPD who stays at the polling station. “

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