On election night (November 3), Democrat candidate Joe Biden came close to getting 260 Electoral College votes. According to the American news agency APR Fox News, the number of electoral votes in his hands is 274. Meanwhile, results have not yet been announced in Pennsylvania, Nevada, North Carolina, Georgia and Alaska. Meanwhile, Biden is ahead in Nevada. And in Georgia and Pennsylvania, he is slowly narrowing the gap with President Donald Trump. Overall, his chances of winning are becoming clearer.

According to AP and Fox News forecasts, Biden has 264 electoral votes, but according to other surveys, including CNN, Biden has 253 electoral votes. AP and Fox News forecast that Biden will win in Arizona, but according to the latest news, there are still millions of votes to count. Doubts are being raised as to whether Biden will ever win this state with 11 electoral votes. However, AP is confident about his forecast.

Arizona has had 90 percent of the vote so far. CNN says Biden was leading by 46,256 votes. Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said Thursday that 4.5 million votes remain to be counted. It is not clear how long it will take to count the votes.

According to a CNN report, Trump is ahead in Pennsylvania but the gap has narrowed. Less than 10 percent of postal votes remaining for counting. In total, out of 26 lakh 17 thousand 575 ballots, 2 lakh 50 thousand 6 ballots remain to be counted. Of these, 72,480 ballots are counted in Philadelphia. 20 percent of the votes in this city are absentee ballots or absentee ballots. Trump is leading in this state with only 0.6 percent of the vote. If Biden wins here, his tally will be over 260, excluding Arizona.

The situation is similar in Georgia to Pennsylvania. There are 16 electoral college votes here. In Georgia, US President Donald Trump is now a little ahead. According to the latest CNN information, she is leading by a margin of only 1,798 votes after counting around 99 percent of the votes. The postal vote put Biden in a favorable position. Biden is expected to win there as well.

There is still a fierce war going on in Nevada. Biden is slightly ahead of Trump with 74 percent of the vote. Votes from the Postal Service will also be counted on 3 November. Votes will be counted in the state by 10 November. According to the latest CNN data, Biden was the leader in the state with 11,438 votes. There are 6 electoral votes in total. If he wins, AP / Fox Biden predicts his 260 electoral votes.

Trump leads in 75,000 votes in North Carolina. Here 95 percent of the votes have been counted. In this state also, counting of all votes received by the post will be delayed. Trump’s chances of winning in this state are bright.

Although the counting of votes continues, Donald Trump has declared himself the winner again by holding a new press conference. He also accused them of stealing votes. “I would have won easily if the votes were legally counted,” he said. Votes are being counted illegally. On the other hand, Biden states that he has not yet declared victory. But when the vote count is over, they are confident that they will win. ‘

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