Google has been sued in the United States for breach of trust and monopolizing the market. The US Department of Justice and 11 US states have filed lawsuits against Google. This is the first lawsuit against a tech giant in the United States since 1998. However, in a post on Twitter on Tuesday, Google denied the allegations against him.

Google’s parent company is Alphabet Inc. The company has various partners such as Google, YouTube and Chrome. However, a case has been filed against parent company Alphabet Inc.

The lawsuit alleges that Google received large amounts of advertising through search engines. That money is given to different phone companies. So that Google is placed as a search engine in the phone’s default settings. In fact, Android is also a product of Alphabet Inc. As a result, Google, YouTube, Chrome are the default Android phones. As a search engine, Google has 90 percent of the market. Other search engines also cannot reach them. Thus unjustly and illegally, Google is ruling the market alone. Not allowing any competition to be created.

Google has denied the allegations. The company clarified its position by tweeting soon after the case was registered.

US Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen spoke to reporters. “The way Google has monopolized the market, there is no room for competition,” he said. It cannot be allowed to happen. ‘

Earlier, a similar lawsuit was filed against Microsoft in the United States. In fact, the Internet world changed dramatically after that case. The market opened. Lots of companies go down in business. This is why the lawsuit against Microsoft is seen as a milestone in the field of information technology.

Will this lawsuit against Google bring about a massive change in the net world? Experts are not sure yet. According to him, the 1996 market and 2020 market are not one. The empire Google has created is hard to break. In fact, people have become dependent on Google. As a result, it will not be easy to build people’s trust in any other search engine. Source: DW

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