Coronovirus-infected US President Donald Trump announced his discharge from the hospital on Monday evening at local time in the United States. He made this announcement in a tweet this afternoon. The 64-year-old Trump said he felt better than 20 years ago. American broadcaster CBS News gave this information.US President Donald Trump

Trump and First Lady Melania were allegedly killed in Trump’s Corona last night. The US president had to deliver oxygen to the White House despite Melania’s mild symptoms. He was then admitted to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Maryland. But Trump made a sudden move on Sunday. He waved to the supporters and drove around in his car for a while. Such actions of the President have already raised questions in the country.

In a tweet on Monday afternoon, President Trump wrote, “I am going to modern Walter Reed Medical Center at 7.30 pm today. Looks great Do not be afraid of Kovid. Do not let it become an influencer in your life. We have invented some of the best medicine and knowledge under the Trump administration. I feel better than 20 years ago! ‘

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