After the riot in Leipzig, Saxon police shared a message on Twitter that sparked massive criticism. On the left was written derogatory.

The Saxon police came under severe criticism in connection with the riot in Leipzig over a so-called retweet – and apologized. A tweet from another user was shared on the official Twitter account of the police on Sunday, which said about the squatting and the protests in the city: “Rooms stolen from people who worked for this. The left-wing platoon got that of course I have no idea. . “

Retweet was heavily criticized

The police deleted the shared post a little later and wrote on numerous critical posts: “The retweet was an unintended act. This tweet does not correspond to our point of view, so we immediately withdraw the retweet. We apologize for this.” Numerous users violently criticized the police for sharing the post under the hashtag #Mauslutscht.

Aggressive hooded people had revolted three nights in a row in Leipzig and attacked the police. The riots in the east of the city and in Connewitz were triggered by house occupations that had been ended by the police. Leipzig police chief Torsten Schultze calls the rioters “apparent left-wing extremists”.

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