Leipzig – demo escalated by autonomists: stones pelted at police officers

Again there were attacks on the police during a demonstration in Leipzig. In the evening, stones were thrown at officials and vehicles. Three quarters.

In Leipzig, a spontaneous demonstration escalated in the left-wing alternative district of Connewitz on Friday evening. According to police, masked people threw pavers and bricks at a police station and incoming emergency services, trash cans were set on fire, and burning barricades were placed on the rails of the tram. According to preliminary information, eight officers were slightly injured. Six police vehicles were damaged. Initially there were no arrests. The police used tear gas. You can see impressions from Leipzig in the video or above here.

The Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung, condemned the riots “in the strongest terms”. The SPD politician explained that the debate about affordable housing had diminished with the occupations and violent clashes. “You don’t create living space by attacking police officers and setting fire to barricades.” The important housing debate is now getting much more difficult.

The trigger was the eviction on Wednesday

Demo background not being recorded was due to house occupancy. On Wednesday, an occupation of an empty house in the east of Leipzig by police came to an end. Protests were then called in on-site online networks. On Friday afternoon, activists reported another occupation in the Connewitz district via Twitter. In the afternoon the police were also on duty there. On Thursday there was already a demonstration from which police officers were attacked.

Masked people attack police: Activists from the “Occupy Leipzig” group had occupied an empty house and it was evicted on Wednesday. Now there are riots. (Source: Jan Woitas / dpa)

About 100 people had gathered for the spontaneous demonstration – almost all dressed in black and with hoods. The police spoke of 200 to 300 participants. First firecrackers and missiles flew, then the elevator started moving quickly to a police station. Anti-police slogans were shouted. Stones flew against the windows of the police station.

Police cars collided with each other

The police then increased the number of emergency services. The officers were pelted with stones and bottles in various streets. Two police cars collided with each other, which the stone throwers acknowledged with scornful shout. The violent outbreak of violence lasted for about 45 minutes. Then the situation calmed down. Police also used a helicopter.

The fire brigade had to put out some smaller fires. Local residents helped remove road sign barricades and burning trash cans from the streets. Some called to the rioters to get out of Connewitz. That evening, the police began to gather evidence.

There are always riots in the neighborhood. On Friday evening, officials were pelted with bottles during a demonstration. There, too, barricades were erected and waste containers set on fire. There may be more unrest throughout the weekend. Another demonstration was announced for Saturday evening.

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