Leipzig: Violent protests again

The Saxon metropolis of Leipzig does not settle down, there were riots in the city again. Police officers were injured and property damage occurred.

In Leipzig there were again violent protests against the eviction of an occupied house on Sunday evening. As police announced, protesters in the Connewitz district threw stones and fireworks at police officers and buildings and injured two police officers. The demonstration was stopped and an investigation was started on 15 suspects. More spontaneous demonstrations followed during the night, trash cans and a police car went up in flames.

Meanwhile, on Saturday evening, as many as 500 people took part in the meeting under the motto “Combine struggle – for solidarity neighbors”, the police announced on Sunday morning. Shortly after the protest march began to move, stones and fireworks were thrown from the crowd at police officers and buildings. Two police officers were injured.

Opposition to law enforcement officials

The “MDR” reported that the attacks were aimed at new buildings, in addition to the police officers. Due to the violence, the meeting was cut short less than an hour after it started. Background to the heated situation is the evacuation of an inhabited house on Wednesday in the east of Leipzig.

According to the police, 15 participants in the evening meetings have been investigated for breaches of peace, property damage and opposition to law enforcement officials. During the operation, the pilot of a police helicopter was blinded with a laser, so that dangerous interference in air traffic was also investigated.

Shortly before midnight, according to police, there were two spontaneous rallies against the arrest of protesters with about 30 participants each. It was reported from Leipzig-Lindenau that a patrol car was on fire in the fenced area of ​​the police station.

Tram was spraying

At around 1:30 am, several people stopped a tram and sprayed it with graffiti. They built barricades and set fire to trash cans and a shopping cart. The approximately 150 people involved withdrew to the adjacent side streets after the arrival of the emergency services, police said.

The police helicopter was in the air until the early hours to provide live images of the construction of barricades in various places in Connewitz, as well as fires and traffic congestion.

On Thursday evening there were already riots in the Neustadt-Neuschönefeld district. During protests on Friday evening, officials and emergency vehicles were pelted with bottles, fireworks and stones.

“Violence must be condemned in the strongest possible terms”

Police say barricades have been erected and set on fire on several streets. Eight police officers were slightly injured on Saturday evening and a total of six police vehicles were damaged. A police station was also thrown and damaged with paint bags and stones.

Mayor of Leipzig, Burkhard Jung (SPD), criticized Saturday that the debate about affordable housing “suffered a serious setback due to the occupations and violent riots”. “You don’t create living space by attacking police officers and burning barricades,” he said. “This violence must be strongly condemned.”

The “all-important housing debate before us” is now becoming “much more difficult,” the mayor criticized. “Because first of all, the confidence that was lost as a result of the riots must be regained.” His thanks go to the police and “the brave residents who tried to de-escalate”.

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