Lemon increases immunity

Lemon is rich in vitamin C. This vitamin works on a long-term basis to keep the body healthy. It helps to reduce weight as well as increase immunity. Learn about the benefits of lemon.

  • People who suffer from persistent cold and fever will benefit from regular intake of lemonade.
  • If you want to lose weight, drink a glass of lukewarm water daily with a lemon chip.
  • Consuming lemon-water before meals increases the taste of the tongue. Lemon-water also regulates the level of sugar in the body and increases the level of metabolism.
  • Lemon contains citric acid, which builds resistance against kidney stones.
  • When the nose is closed due to cold, mix half a lemon juice in a glass of water and mix it with one spoon of honey and eat it.
  • Lemon-water mixture helps in getting rid of bacteria in the body. As a result, if you drink that mixture, you can develop immunity against stomach problems such as food poisoning.
  • Lemon regulates the level of lactic acid production in the body. As a result, the overall functioning of the body increases.
  • Apart from all this, vitamin C present in lemon also helps in building our teeth and bones.


  • If you have acidity, then take doctor’s advice before consuming lemonade on an empty stomach.
  • Eating too much lemon destroys enamel of the teeth.
  • Consuming lemon on an empty stomach breaks down the enzyme pepsin, which is essential for our body, which helps us digest.

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