Donald Trump, the outgoing US president, has remained steadfast in his position despite repeated warnings after one unfounded claim. He is not willing to accept the election rate. On the contrary, he was constantly highlighting his victory on Twitter, the principle of election fraud. Twitter had earlier flagged off its tweet for that ‘crime’. This time the smaller blog site took more drastic steps.

Donald Trump

Reportedly, Twitter has blocked Trump’s opportunity to like and retweet controversial tweets. Even links to the tweet could not be shared. Searches are being done but tweets are not being found. If you like or retweet, a warning is coming from Twitter.

However Twitter claims that those choices of Trump’s tweet are inadvertently blocked. It will be turned on later. However, Twitter will mark tweets with distorted or fake information. The authority will warn any user to use that tweet.

Twitter has made several tweets of Trump since the US election.

Democrat candidate Joe Biden has very little time left to take the oath. He will be sworn in on January 20. But Donald Trump is still adamant in his demands. On Friday, the Supreme Court also rejected the cancellation of the vote. Later, Trump also questioned the relevance of the court. “The role of the Supreme Court in preventing the biggest electoral fraud is almost zero,” he wrote on Twitter. Trump’s tweet was also flagged. Source: Variety

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