US President Donald Trump has changed his position on wearing masks to prevent coronavirus infection. Trump encouraged Americans to wear masks at a briefing on the long-awaited White House epidemic. They say that masks should be worn if social distance is not possible. British news agency Reuters reported.

Trump told reporters at the White House that the epidemic may worsen before the situation improves.

“We are asking everyone to wear masks, buy masks when you cannot maintain social distance,” he said. Whether you like it or not, wearing a mask has its benefits. As a result, we must do everything possible to prevent infection.

Trump said he has a habit of wearing masks and will wear masks when he is with some people or in an elevator. Said, I will use it with pride. Anything that will potentially contribute is good.

Earlier, in an interview with Fox News on July 18, Trump said he was not in favor of making the mask mandatory nationally. He made the comment after an call by American infectious disease specialist Anthony Fawcett to force people to wear masks.

Trump has said more than once since the Corona epidemic began that he would not wear a mask. He also mocked Democrat rival Joe Biden for wearing masks. However, Trump has recently moved away from his previous position. He was first seen wearing a mask during a visit to Walter Reed Military Hospital outside Washington.

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