The American election has been decided, the incumbent party must leave the White House. But Donald Trump’s comments suggest something bad. At “Anne Will” the guests discussed: Is Trump holding on to power?

Some people know from relationships that are running out: how will we meet in the future? Anne Will asked her group – based on the major US election platform – to be similar, slightly modified. For example, is Donald Trump holding on to power?

Statements made by the US president on election night or at the end of the week, his team’s legal weapons in some states and disappointed Trump fans suggest arrogance. Will’s group was relatively unanimous: there will be an orderly transition from Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

The guests

  • Lora Anne Viola, John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies at the Free University of Berlin

  • Hedwig Richter, University of the Federal Armed Forces, Munich

  • Heiko Maas (SPD), Minister of Foreign Affairs

  • Armin Laschet (CDU), Prime Minister of North Rhine-Westphalia

  • Klaus Brinkbäumer, journalist

  • Peter Rough, Hudson Institute Washington D.C.

  • Al Sharpton, American civil rights activist

The positions

So: Is Trump Bracketing? – asked Will Laschet. “For the past four years, it has never been possible to calculate how Donald Trump would behave, even in international situations,” the North Rhine-Westphalia prime minister said with concern. But he also stressed his hope for the democratic structures in the US. Maas saw it that way and saw Trump’s current attitude as a continuation of already known patterns. He also trusts that “there are still a few around who are decent losers.”

The political scientist Viola analyzed it more dryly: “He resigns”. This will become increasingly likely, the longer the processes that have now begun continue to manifest after the US elections: with the vote of the state electorate on December 14, counting the votes in the US Congress on January 6, 2021 to with Biden’s inauguration on January 20. Historian Richter raised doubts – always briefly. If there is no official election result after December 8, the House of Representatives can ultimately decide.

If one of the group could have blown out the flames of the other’s hopeful prospects, it would have been difficult. But even as a member of the Republican Party, he made it clear: “On January 20 (Rough has Austrian roots) there will be a peaceful, orderly transition.” Of course, he could not spare himself the almost automatic reflex of his party that the election results would only be recognized when all “legitimate votes” had been counted. The discussion about postal voting and the alleged obstruction of election observers also seemed to him to be only pro forma.

The quote of the evening

That came from Brinkbäumer. It reflected the statement that – to put it bluntly – someone should explain to Trump that the story of the elections stolen by the Democrats is just a fairy tale. “There should be a delegation of people like Richard Nixon.” Who then say, “It’s over”. Trump does not yet understand that loss of power in a democracy is part of the system.

The excitement of the evening

It seems that the current problems of the time are also changing the talking culture. How can you argue about things that you can only find hideous? So that night, too, a concern formed the group: what still keeps the US together? Trump has deeply divided the country with fear instead of reconciliation, Biden now wants to heal it. Not only for his constituents, but also for those who did not vote for him. “The Americans are concerned about their own country,” says Brinkbäumer. But they could barely talk to each other.

The point now is that Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris need to prioritize: Covid 19, the education crisis, the economic crisis, issues of social justice and racism all weighed heavily. But that’s not going to work without partnering with the Republicans, Rough said. Even after the election, his party would hold great weight in the Senate, Congress and state parliaments. Biden won with an election campaign against Trump. Therefore, this must now be a moderate policy. The election results do not allow a hard course to the left. His party has evolved into a multi-ethnic workers’ party that is a “bulwark against non-democratic, legitimate concentration of power.” He mentioned Hollywood, Silicon Valley, universities, media companies, the financial world. Brinkbäumer also partially confirmed this: the media also bear great responsibility for the radicalization. CNN is in no way inferior to Fox News.

Viola deepened it historically: Trump had intensified the polarization of society, which had started way back in the 1970s. “The middle is missing,” says Viola. Structural changes are only possible through institutional solutions. Richter saw it the same way: Biden will not make everything right.

It was unfortunate …

… that a discussion between Richter and Rough about the stability of the US Constitution only arose in the last minute of the broadcast. That could have been interesting. However, the topics of the day were waiting.

The fact check

Biden and Harris’s agenda – provided Biden is sworn in as the 46th US president on January 20 – will be long and filled with pressing issues: Biden has already announced some of the initial plans. He wants to return to the Paris climate agreement with the US and lead the country towards climate neutrality by 2050. In addition, there must be a national corona strategy, with a mask obligation and an extension of free tests.

He also wants to support families and small businesses with a corona relief program worth $ 700 billion. Other plans include judicial reforms, the removal of barriers to naturalization, and the continuation of Obamacare’s health system.

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