Lionel Messi wanted to leave FC Barcelona but had to stay. His strike partner Luis Suarez, on the other hand, was chased out of court. That made the world footballer angry.

Lionel Messi has heavily criticized FC Barcelona for parting ways with longtime teammate and best friend Luis Suarez. “The truth is, nothing surprises me at this point,” the 33-year-old Argentinian wrote in his goodbye message on Instagram.

“You deserve to be adopted as you are: one of the most important players in the history of the club,” wrote Messi, “And not to be adopted like they did.”

“It will be weird”

The Uruguayan striker fell victim to the turmoil under new coach Ronald Koeman and signed a two-year contract with competition rival Atletico Madrid. At his last press conference in Barcelona on Thursday, Suarez said goodbye in tears.

“It will be unusual to see you in a different jersey and rather play against you,” Messi wrote in a text with seven joint images. It will be very difficult for him to “stop sharing daily life with you, on and outside the squares”.

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